Intelligible Glenn Beck may not be such an oxymoron after all.

I knew there had to be something intelligible about Glenn Beck’s kaleidoscopic message and the Tea Party following it has engendered, and this solid portrait of the oligarchic corporatocracy hiding behind a fictional façade of grassroots libertarianism explains a lot for me.  It’s also a stark example of just how corrosive to what is left of our democratic election process the Supreme Court ruling allowing unlimited corporate political spending is likely to be.   Even more unsettling, the religious overtones of the Beck/Palin rally may have  presaged (made public?) an unholy alliance between the “Tea Party” and Evangelical Christian Dominionists, a.k.a. the Republican Party. (C’mon folks, do your homework on this, starting here. I also recommend Chris Hedges, as one of the most accessible and contemporaneous of the many resources detailing the facts of this cynical, corrupt, corrosive, manipulative and anti-Constitutional historical relationship).

Sadly, I believe Progressive Democrats – from the Oval Office on down – simply do not have the critical mass to stand up to the combined bludgeoning by Tea Party libertarians and Evangelical Christian Dominionists and their Republican sock puppets.  (And, I really want to like President Obama.  But, that’s another story…)

Finally, I wonder if Tea Partiers knew how blatantly they were being exploited by corporate fat cats who can’t wait for the opportunity to throw them under the bus just as soon as they get the power they so desperately seek, would they still be so enthusiastic?  I feel sorry for them, really.  It’s like that sad, helpless feeling you get when driving by a bad car wreck.  Wake up and smell the hypocrisy, folks!  And remember the lessons of history when cultural despair goes in search of a “strong man” to pull us all up out of the morass.

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