All this Religion Bashing. Irrational Ranting or Rational Push-Back? I assert the latter.

Well, here it is Sunday morning, the Lord’s day.  The Sabbath (well, for Christians, anyway.)  The Jewish Sabbath – the Very Same Day proscribed by the Very Same Lord – is on Saturday.  (I may have known why this difference exists, but it escapes me now.  I may have to get back to you on this…)

Yes, the Sabbath.  A day of prayer to the Lord Jesus (Yahweh gets his praise on Saturday, don’tcha know.)  Oh, now I get it.  Yahweh and Jesus are One In The Same God, and so the Lord, in his Supreme Narcissism (see the First Four Commandments) has concocted a universe (with a flat earth at its center, of course) such that we are prostrate before him two days a week and not just one.  But then there is Allah, who is the same God as Yahweh and Jesus, don’tcha know, and the Muslims – bless their pure and peaceful hearts – are prostrate before Him five times a day!  Every Day!  Wow!  Takes your breath away when you really think about it, doesn’t it?  BTW, I call Him Yahwallahjes.  Feel free to do the same.  (Oh, and don’t get me started on the Mormons.  I’m still choking down the Yahwallahjes baloney.)

But, let’s get back to me and my presumptive irrationality.  The Sabbath is the day of prayer when we are commanded to praise the Lord (and, of  course, pass the ammunition endlessly, but that’s more like every day of the week) and, perhaps, get in a little self-reflection on the Q.T. when He isn’t looking.  And, so I ask myself:  Is all this Religion Bashing just irrational ranting or rationally pushing back against the swirling tsunami of faith-based bullshit that just seems to be in the very air we breathe, and like smog, simply has to be breathed in at least somewhat despite its toxicity if we are going to get our share of the secular, rational oxygen that carries it along?

I claim that I am not ranting, but pushing back.  No more, and certainly no less.

Admittedly, taking pot-shots at religion is like shooting fish in a barrel – it’s such a target-rich environment that once you get started it’s hard to stop.  But, I am far from alone in my dogmatic disgust of what hath religion wrought.  The Plague of Faith is…well, it’s almost Biblical in its proportions, and it is getting more hideous by the day as the body count continues to climb.  And it is high time that those of us who see human rationality as under a merciless, self-proclaimed, withering assault from the most credulous and weak-minded in our societies world-wide, and right on up to the most powerful and educated – but qrotesquely self-serving – elite members of humanity, have a duty to speak up not for tolerance of all religions (just as long as we all agree that ‘ours’ is the one true religion and everybody else is going straight to Hell!  You know, that sort of tolerance…), but for intolerance of all religions and their ridiculous, mind-altering, stone-age stupidity that threatens to bring humanity to a screeching and screaming halt!

According to statistics compiled by, of the approximately 6.868 billion people living on the planet, approximately 1.1 billion of us are secular or non-religious.  Meanwhile, (if you believe the press that only a tiny fraction are radicalized adherents), a tiny fraction of the 3.614 billion people who are adherents of the “Three Great Religions” are fomenting chaos, starting endless wars, threatening (nay, welcoming!) nuclear Armageddon, and just making the planet almost uninhabitable for the rest of us poor bastards who have to be subjected to all their suicidal, genocidal irrational rantings and behavior day in and day out!  Who in their right minds would NOT want to push back on this?

Now, let’s have a brief discussion of the difference between irrational and rational thinking, and its consequent behaviors.  In 1955, Albert Ellis, Ph.D., developed a system of psychological therapy that he termed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (a forerunner to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as developed by Aaron T. Beck, M.D.)  Dr. Ellis describes his REBT as follows:

“It [REBT] hypothesizes that the irrational beliefs or dysfunctional attitudes that constitute people’s self-disturbing philosophies have two main qualities:
(1) They have at their core explicit or implicit rigid, powerful demands and commands, usually expressed as musts, shoulds, ought to’s, have to’s, and got to’s such as,
“I absolutely must have my important goals fulfilled!”
(2) They also have derivatives of these demands. For example,
“If I don’t have my important goals fulfilled, as I must,” (a)
“it’s awful” (that is, one hundred percent bad); (b) “I can’tbear it” (that is, survive or be happy at all!); (c) “I’m a
worthless person” (that is, completelybad and undeserving!);
and (d) “I’ll always fail to get what I want now and in the future!”

This ABC model of human disturbance is followed, in REBT,by D the disputing of people’s irrational beliefs (iB’s) — when they feel and act in a self-defeating way, until they arrive at E, a
new set of more rational beliefs. For example, “I’d prefer to succeed and be lovable, but I don’t have to do so!” “I’d very much like others to treat me fairly and considerately, but there is no reason why they must do so.” “I greatly desire my life conditions to be comfortable and pleasant, but I don’t need them to be that way.”

I know that the ideas I express in these postings are not going to change the world.  And, while it is my fervent hope that more and more people will abandon their false hopes and unprovable beliefs for which there has never been any falsifiable evidence, I do not insist that everyone abandon their irrational religions and come to an inner calm and outer equanimity through secular pathways.  The world may simply not be ready for all that rationality, and we may be getting on an express elevator to Hell by so doing.  (You know, the whole Devil you know vs. the one you don’t thing…)

In summary, I think I have a fairly good idea of the difference between rational and irrational thoughts and behavior, and from my self-proclaimed rational perspective, I see a whole lot of irrationality with Yahwallahjes’s name written all over it.

I have faith in humanity, and I pray it will come to its senses and abandon religion.

Now, I am entitled to my faith and to my prayers, aren’t I?

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