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Glenn Beck: A Message From Your Future.

Glenn.  Glenn!  Are you listening?  Can you hear me?  No, this is not God talking to you (bloody idiot!).  No, Glenn, this is Your Future calling.  It’s time we had a chat, you and I.  Glenn, you have been getting … Continue reading

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All this Religion Bashing. Irrational Ranting or Rational Push-Back? I assert the latter.

Well, here it is Sunday morning, the Lord’s day.  The Sabbath (well, for Christians, anyway.)  The Jewish Sabbath – the Very Same Day proscribed by the Very Same Lord – is on Saturday.  (I may have known why this difference … Continue reading

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Circle-Jerk or Circle-of-Jerks? Yes to both.

My head almost exploded, but I finally made it through reading this transcript of a recent broadcast of Glenn Beck spewing some of the most unintelligible nonsense into the airwaves at a frequency only the most supremely gullible and stupid … Continue reading

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After I said good-bye, then I went by the store to buy a sweater that is better than the one I already have.

This is another post concerning commonly misused words that, with a little thought and effort, could easily be used properly, thus conveying your ideas accurately, avoiding the embarrassment of being perceived as an uneducated rube, and beautifying and preserving our … Continue reading

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The ‘Golden Rule’ is all we need. Just add one little ‘o’.

What’s the difference between ‘God’ and ‘Good?’  That’s right!  Just one little ‘o.’ Forget all the gods, goddesses, saints, ghosts, blessed virgins, ‘our ladies’, dogma, the real estate, the artwork, the tax exemptions, the costumes, the posing, the marketing, the … Continue reading

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The Fall of Man is the Fall of God. And Man has been taking it in the shorts ever since ad infinitum.

The foundational belief of the JudeoChristian faith rests on the notion that Mankind is a sinner right from the moment of conception and for all eternity, and that Jesus sacrificed himself on just another ho-hum, workaday Roman crucifix to provide … Continue reading

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Prayer. Hooh! What is it good for? Absolutely…maybe a few things!

With this cheeky homage to Edwin Starr , let me state at the outset that I believe prayer to be nothing but god-bothering self-talk with absolutely no influence on reality, in the sense that one’s thoughts can neither conjur up … Continue reading

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