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All this Religion Bashing. Irrational Ranting or Rational Push-Back? I assert the latter.

Well, here it is Sunday morning, the Lord’s day.  The Sabbath (well, for Christians, anyway.)  The Jewish Sabbath – the Very Same Day proscribed by the Very Same Lord – is on Saturday.  (I may have known why this difference … Continue reading

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Circle-Jerk or Circle-of-Jerks? Yes to both.

My head almost exploded, but I finally made it through reading this transcript of a recent broadcast of Glenn Beck spewing some of the most unintelligible nonsense into the airwaves at a frequency only the most supremely gullible and stupid … Continue reading

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Secular Science vs. Religious ‘Non-Science.’

Proper secular science and dogmatic religious non-science are fundamentally incompatible.  And, like oil and water, the two can only equilibrate by each seeking its own level and remaining distinctly separate.  The former exists to move humanity forward on every front … Continue reading

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