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To two too-nice folks who gifted a space heater: “It’s nice to have its warmth in winter.”

This is another post concerning commonly misused words that, with a little thought and effort, could easily be used properly, thus conveying your ideas accurately, avoiding the embarrassment of being perceived as an uneducated rube, and beautifying and preserving our … Continue reading

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You’re asking where your kids are? They’re playing with their toys over there.

This message is about one of my pet peeves. Namely, using the word ‘your’ when you really mean ‘you are’, and using the word ‘their’ or ‘there’ when you really mean ‘they are.’ I just want to say at the … Continue reading

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Baby Mammoths Say the Darndest Things.

A few months ago a friend of mine happened to be in Chicago while The Field Museum was hosting an exhibition of an item identified by the Archeological Institute of America as one of the Top Ten Discoveries of 2007.  … Continue reading

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